Indonesian puppeteers present mesmerizing show at Rafi Peer theatre


LAHORE, FEB 15 (DNA) – Indonesian embassy took an active part in the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop being held in Lahore and puppeteers from Indonesia prestned a mesmerizing show.  The festival will continue till 17th.The Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is a unique cultural organization with a history spanning more than four decades.Ambassador of Indonesia Iwan S. Amri along with his team participated and inaugurated the event together officials of Rafi Peer Theater including well-know actor and playwright Usman Pirzada, Faizan Pirzada and others.Rafi Peer Theatre expertise comprises production of cultural festivals, live events in the fields of music, puppetry, theatre and cultural collaborations on an international scale.Rafi Peer has been actively involved with puppetry since 1978 and over the years hosted Pakistan’s largest internationally renowned Puppet Festivals along with puppet workshops for children and young adults across Pakistan in schools and in festivals.


It has been promoting joyful learning by using puppetry as a tool for education and social awareness. It specializes in creating dynamic and visually vibrant Festivals, with a commitment to promoting joy and learning through the arts, tempers everything that we do.International Puppet Festival being held at the Rafi Peer Cultural Center Lahore also hosts the Museum of Puppetry. The festival is scheduled from 15th to 17th of February 2019.The Rafi Peer International Puppet Festival focuses on international and local puppet productions and activities for children designed around having fun with other children and families in a community outside of schools that can be a special experience for them at the Rafi Peer Cultural Center and the museum of puppetry.The Puppet Performances would include artists from Pakistan, Indonesia, Germany, & Turkey.=DNA