Chinese embassy organizes National Music Concert


ISLAMABAD, NOV 18 (DNA) – Embassy of China in collaboration with China Cultural Center in Pakistan, Network of International Cultural link Entities & Jinan Opera and Dance Drama Theater organized a CHINESE NATIONAL MUSIC CONCERT – MUSIC ON SPRING at China Cultural Center.

Cultural Counselor of Embassy of China, You Yi, Senator Mr. Faisal Javed Khan and Director General PNCA Jamal Shah, attended the concert as Chief guests.FB_IMG_1542504352271

Jinan is also known as “City of Springs”. “Springs and willows are all around the city, hills and lakes are all in sight” is a true portrayal of Jinan’s charming beauty.

Therefore, by combining spring culture, customs of Jinan, Chinese folk instruments such as pipa, dulcimer, guzheng, pipa, bamboo flute, and erhu, together, national “Music on Spring” concert was created in 2015. Colorful performances and unique musical charm beautifully blend together to show the long charming history and unique aura of Jinan.FB_IMG_1542504364754

Ji’nan Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, founded in 1959, is a professional artistic creation and performance group directly affiliated to Ji’nan. Now it’s mainly engaged in the creation and performance of opera, dance drama, musical, vocal music, instrumental music, dance and other arts.

Over the past 50 years, it has successively crated and performed such plays as Red Coral.

This concert innovatively arranges classic Chinese music through its different performing forms such as ensemble, solo, group and new folk music.FB_IMG_1542504334320

Then by adding a story to these musical combinations it beautifully designs and creates a grand musical spectacle which enables the audience to indulge in it.

In recent years, this group visited different parts of the world to spread China’s outstanding national music.

At the same time, it has also re-arranged and created the national musical works, demonstrated and performed these musical works by using different Chinese national musical instruments, revealing the beauty of Chinese music to the world.

This exchange and integration of cultures of various countries truly reflect the concept of “music without borders”.

The “Music on Spring” concert is rich in content and forms. With its strong artistic appeal, the style of this concert can be adjusted and adapted according to the needs of different performing venues.

In addition, this musical concert is also equipped with multimedia video materials and English subtitles, which is suitable for promoting it as a foreign cultural exchange performance project.

Following Chinese Artists/Musicians are performing; their names are Mr. Zhang Dawei, Mr. Liu lizhuang, Mr. Zhouhaifeng, Mr. Gao fei, Ms. Zhang xuan, Ms. Gai juan, Ms. Zhang ben ling, Ms. Wang shuai, Lang shuo, Ms. Li cheng cheng, Ms. Luo shu yun, Ms. Wang ziyue, Ms. Meng xiaoyu, Mr. Gao jin, Ms. Gao de xia