Passenger tickets for space trip to go on sale


WASHINGTON, JUL 02 (DNA) – Days are not far when general public will get to visit space, as a company is soon going to start selling passenger tickets for trips to space.Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will start selling tickets to send passengers for suborbital commercial space flights by 2019 through his space-tourism startup Blue Origin.

Though the company’s Senior Vice President Rob Meyerson didn’t give detail about the ticket prices, he did inform that the firm’s New Shepard suborbital vehicle will carry the first space tourists to orbit in next year. “We plan to start flying our first test passengers soon. We expect to start selling tickets in 2019,”.

Though un-crewed, New Shepard has already been through numerous tests to ensure safety. This time, Meyerson asserts that it will soon carry passengers. Along with no information on ticket pricing, Meyerson did not even indicate for how long the passengers will stay in space, as per Futurism.

The company claims that the capsule is able to carry passengers to an altitude of over 60km above the Earth, so they experience a few minutes of weightlessness along with observing the curvature of the planet set against the blackness of space.

Furthermore, this raises the point that Blue Origin isn’t the first company trying to go for space tourism. Rival SpaceX, founded by billionaire Elon Musk, is too planning to carry people to moon, but it’s not anytime soon. However, another rival Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic has already booked hundreds of reservations for tickets priced at $250,000 per head, but the flight dates are not yet known.