Here’s why you should never charge your cellphone under your pillow


Have you ever charged your cellphone under your pillow? Well, this can be deadly dangerous at times. Take a look at the pictures below, charging your phone under your pillow can lead to disastrous consequences. One unsuspecting smartphone -owner left their device to fuel up under their bed linen, and sparked a fire. Luckily, calamity was avoided and the whole bed didn’t burst into flames. A New York Police Department’s senior official released a photo some time back, showing what happens if you leave your mobile phone unattended, boosting up, under your pillow.

Clearly, phones can get very hot indeed. The above incident pictured actually happened in January in the US, but that can happen anywhere if caution is not practised.

Experts say the same applies to laptops, in the winter, it’s tempting to snuggle up to watch a movie in bed but again, laptops tend to heat up and when left on duvets and soft surfaces can overheat and cause a fire.”