Imran Khan faces go Imran go slogans


PESHAWAR, jan 14( DNA) – PTI leader Imran Khan faced an embarrassing situation when parents of deceased children of APS chanted go Imran go slogans when he reached the school to express sympathies. The protesters were whisked away by the police and personnel of rangers.According to details angry protesters said they were passing thru agony and pain but Imran Khan tied the Knot, which was a shock for the parents.Sources said Imran Khan’s wedding with BBC girl Reham has greatly damaged his reputation and popularity. Sources say, Imran Khan chose a wrong time for his marriage therefore the reaction which now has started to unfold is but natural.Meanwhile Imran Khan chaired a high level meeting of KPK ministers and expressed his anger over what happened outside the school. He lashed out at the ministers and KPK administration for not handling the situation properly.=DNA