The next day December 10 is commemorated at the international level, by resolution of the UN, Human Rights Day, in accordance with this in the majority of the countries held activities appropriate to these effects.In Cuba also we celebrate this day, In spite of the fact that the enemies of the Cuban Revolution and annexationists peoples continuing with its policy of assaulting our revolutionary process and show us as violators of the principles of Human Rights and trying to present a distorted image about our country and government with lies.

Usually those are our main accusers and attributed the role of judges at the international level; in reality are the biggest violators of what they claim to defend. Thus we see that the United States of America and their faithful followers in other parts of the world are running or they are complicit in the death on a large scale of hundreds of thousands of civilians with their actions, seeking to impose governments related to their interests. As well has been in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Santo Domingo, Chile up to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, etc. , there the main human right, that of respecting the lives of our fellow human beings, has simply been trampled.

In addition to the above mentioned there are its millionaire figures of people abandoned, without work, education, or medical care and without the minimum conditions to survive in a capitalist society. Other example, such as Puerto Rico, robbed them of their independence in violation of UN resolutions about decolonization.

In most countries of the capitalist world prevail such problems, which are hidden by their media in the hands of magnates, generally militant’s reluctant groups who are against to the social, economic and political equality.

In contrast of that, our small country guarantees to all Cubans the right to life, survival in the births of children is less than 5 deaths per 1000 live births, as well as the life expectancy of men and women cubans exceeds 78 years. All the citizens of our country have the right to free public health and education. Also to enjoy the entertainment and sports practice and to have a job commensurate with their knowledge.

Our press is not the best represented, but has the backing of not publishing false news and in Cuba it is not known what the torture, extrajudicial killings, and disappearances. The Cuban does not need a dime to elect and be elected in our political system.

Our children are our greatest concern. Their education is guaranteed until the secondary as basic minimum and a normal development. As has been said, no Cuban child dies of hunger, no Cuban child is panhandler, no Cuban child is abandoned, all of this because our principle of solidarity begin in our houses.

In the international order, Cuba’s solidarity with the peoples of the South is more than demonstrated. From providing our own blood, not up to sharing what we have more than enough, but part of what we have, between them the knowledge transferred in the various areas of health, education and also in the construction. At the global level is widely known our continued support to the just causes, without taking into account the size of the person who asked us to help them.

To the western judges who accuse us, we can ask if they can say the same thing. They don’t have moral arguments and decency to condemn us.