Martyrdom day of Hazart Ali (R.A) being observed today


HYDERABAD, JUNE 06 (DNA) – The nation is observing Youm-e-Ali, the Martyrdom of the fourth Caliph Hazrat Ali (RA) with due solemnity and sanctity here on Wednesday.Majalis-e-Ali (RA) remained continued since 19th Ramadan in all Imambargahs and principle masajid while mourning processions are also being taken out from different parts of Hyderabad City, Latifabad, Qasimabad and Hyderabad Rural areas.

The main mourning procession was brought out from Karbala Dadan Shah after Zuhar prayers which after marching its traditional routes of Foujdari Raod, Saddar, Bohri Bazar, Risala Road, Lajpat Road and Risala Road will culminate at Qadam Gah Moula Ali where Aftari will be offered to mourners.

The district administration has made strict security arrangements to maintain law and order during the passage of mourning processions particularly the main mourning procession. All links of roads and streets leading towards the routes of mourning procession have been sealed with barbwires with closure of business activities in the area.

Besides escorting, around 2000 policemen and Rangers have been deployed at the routes of main mourning procession while the activities of the mourners will be monitored through closed circuit television cameras.