Chinese delegation of peace association visits Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, MAY 20: Bayazeed Kasi of PTI in a meeting with Zhou Li vice president of the central committee of the communist party of China.. DNA PHOTO

ISLAMABAD, MAY 20 (DNA) -A delegation of Chinese people’s association for peace and disarmament visited Pakistan under the leadership of Zhou Li vice president of CPAPD and former vice Minister of IDCPC International department, central committee of the communist party of China.

Zhou Li gave a detailed explanation of the CPAPD  and its success story from the day it came into being in june 1985.

 Mr Zhou Li further extended his views on the development of CPEC and how the people’s republic of China has always and will always be there when  brother nation Pakistan will need support.

The CPAPD being the largest peace association in China under the supervision of the COMMUNIST PARTY plans to promote the all weather friendship with Pakistan with the help of different forums of politics business media think tank and NGO’s etc so that it is very convenient for people from any group of interest to have no difficulties in extending their interests in China.

He said that in Pakistan no matter which political party makes it in the government China will always respect and work hard hand in hand with them because they are the choice of the people of this country and our friendship and brotherhood ties together none other than the citizens of our two countries.

Bayazeed Kasi of PTI encouraged the delegation to have more and more visits to Pakistan and allow the people of Pakistan to come in delegations to learn from the people of China in all aspects of development.=DNA