Rizq focuses on channelization of food resources in Pakistan


RIZQ is a social enterprise focused on smart channelization of food resources in Pakistan to eliminate food insecurity and malnourishment by developing a “marketplace” of food donors and food insecure households. With the help of our community centers we identify and verify food insecure households and provide them with low-cost or free food assistance, enabled to reduce hunger in an impactful and measurable way.

Moreover, Rizq provides all its food donors a convenient way to share food, ranging from door to door pickups of excess food from households and restaurants, to distribution of freshly made food on our client’s behalf in our target communities. We continuously focus on providing assistance to our target beneficiaries to bring them out of food insecurity, rather than just feeding them once or twice.


The running of the enterprise is maintained by a team from NUST Business School lead by Mr. Yazan Abu Ali, who is the Head of Islamabad Operations and leader of the project. Under his supervision our initial pilot in Islamabad saw us procuring over 60 kg of food; 40kg from Serena and 20kg from Arz Lebanon. Rasai and by the help of its co-founder Mr. Hassam Ud Din very kindly catered all our logistics requirements. With the help of Rasai and our donators, we were able to feed, almost 88 people in the Muslim colony, and 65 orphans, during the first day of our drive, and almost 30 kids over the second day of our operation. Rizq in Islamabad is highly grateful to Mr. Aziz Bolani, CEO Serena Hotels for being the first to donate food to Rizq in Islamabad. Our second day operation success goes to Mr. Abdul Raoof Abdo, owner of Arz Lebanon. Rizq owes them a huge debt of gratitude and appreciation for aiding our operations and donating unconditionally for a good cause.