Ramadan 2018 start date announced in Saudi Arabia: Report


RIYADH, MAR 12 (DNA) – The Holy Month of Ramadan is expected to fall on May 17 in Saudi Arabia, while fasting hours are to exceed 13 hours a day. In Pakistan Ramadan 2018 is likely to be observed on May 18. The fasting hours are likely to extend to 17 hours. Ibrahim Al Jarwan, deputy director general of the Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences, made the announcement, saying: “The new moon of the Holy Month of Ramadan is to be ‘born’ on Tuesday, May 13 around 3.48 pm UAE time, and disappears two minutes before sunset of the same evening.”

It is impossible to see the new moon after the sunset in the UAE, he added. “It shall remain visible for one hour and 16 minutes at sunset.”

However, the new moon shall for sure be visible after the sunset of Wednesday May 16, he stated. “As such, Thursday, May 17, shall be the first day of Ramadan as per the astronomical calculations.”