Azerbaijan ambassador calls for joint efforts to fight terrorism

ISLAMABAD, JAN 23: Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada, Additional Secretary Ministry of Interior Rizwan Malik and others in a group photo during an event "Martyrs are always alive and never forgotten" organized by Embassy of Azerbaijan in collaboration with Interior ministry.=DNA PHOTO

ISLAMABAD, JAN 23 (DNA) – Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has said  twenty eight years ago, on January 20, 1990, Soviet troops invaded the city of Baku by order of the Kremlin in an ultimately failed attempt to save Communist rule and suppress Azerbaijan’s independence movement.He added, the  present-day continuing Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno Garabagh conflict began at the end of 1987 with the territorial claims to Azerbaijan and attacks on the Azerbaijanis by armenians following directions of the leaders of Soviet Union. He emphasized need for joint efforts to fight against terrorism, in all its forms and manifestation.

The Azerbaijan ambassador made these remarks during his speech on the occasion of a function held at Police Lines Islamabad to recognise sacrifices of martyrs of Azerbaijan and Pakistan. Special Secretary Ministry of Interior Rizwan Malik and IG Police Islamabad Sultan Azam Temuri also attended the event.

Ambassador Alizada furter said, this conflict resulted in a flood of million Azerbaijani refugees from native Azerbaijani lands and internally displaced Azerbaijani persons from Armenia in order to stop independent movement of our nation at that time.

During 1988-1989 the Azerbaijanis who were living in Armenia were forced to leave Armenia and in the course of mass deportation at least hundreds of Azerbaijanis were killed and thousands people were wounded by armenians in that years by the support of Soviet Union.

The invasion into Baku of a large contingent of Soviet Army units, interior troops and special destination detachments was accompanied by particular cruelty and unprecedented atrocities.Reprisals were inflicted toward peace population, hundreds of people were killed, wounded, missing.

The analysis of the activities carried out by Kremlin on the eve of January 20, as well as the contradictory processes going on in Baku, showed that the January tragedy was the result of a pre-prepared military operation.

He said, the Black January turned out to be the beginning of the end of Soviet rule in Azerbaijan and disintegration of the Soviet Union. The day of January 20, 1990 became  Day of Proud in our history which united the people of Azerbaijan into a community of citizens of an independent nation and strengthened their resolve to achieve that independence. It became a page of heroism in the history of the struggle for the independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

We regained independence but unfortunately we are still suffering from armenian terrorism and extremism.

While recognising sacrifices rendered by Pakistani police officials the ambassador said, as a country steadly suffering from armenian terrorism we understand Pakistan which has given and even gives at present time a lot of  sacrifices in war against terrorism and extremism.

Terrorism is common enemy of the international community and cracking down it needs joint efforts from the world community.

We know that along with other law enforcement agencies, Police of Pakistan have been battling against the terrorists to flush them out of the country.

Ministry of Interior and the police of Pakistan rendered countless sacrifices in the fight against terrorism and also for maintaining law and to make the society crime free. And we pay also a great tribute to martyrs of Pakistan, he added.

Ambassador Alizada further said, the heroism and sacrifices of the martyrs steadfastly remain as signs of honor and pride for the people of Azerbaijan and Pakistan who will always stand in recognition, respect, and gratitude for the faithful martyrs.

Every month the brave soldiers of Azerbaijan Army, innocents civilians, women, children lose their lives as a result of armenian provocation and terrorism in the line of control.

“I extend my deepest thanks to Pakistan which showed brotherly approach supporting fair position of Azerbaijan all these years and didn’t recognize aggressor country Armenia as a state. Azerbaijan value this brotherly approach”.

The stories of martyrs will live on and pass through the generations, serving as both a lesson and example to the youth about sacrifice, the determination to maintain unity and solidarity. =DNA