Autobiography of renowned broadcaster Aga Nasir launched posthumously


ISLAMABAD, JAN 14 (DNA) – Autobiography of renowned broadcaster Aga Nasir was launched on Sunday. His book “Agha say Agha Nasir Tak “ was his last book which he has been authored before his death last year .The book was completed by his family after his demise. Agha say Agha Nasir tak walks its readers and treat them in every chapter and every leaf they turn. His childhood cover his school years, his friends, his parents ad string family bounds which he was very proud of. How he joined Radio Pakistan.

The first Director General Z A Bukhara was his ideal . The book beautifully narrates the relationship he enjoyed with his mentor Mr Bukhari but as the same time also sheds light in the aura that Mr Bukhari’s personality carried .

The book focuses on his position as Managing Director PTV  and his role in difficult times of General Ziaul Haq, Muhammad Khan Junego, his role as director General Radio Pakistan and his interaction with the then Prime minister Benzair Bhutto.

As you move forward it covers the literally part of his life with prominent figures like Faiz Ahmad  Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Muno Bhai and many more personalities that he was part of companionship.

The host Sufia Shahid, introduced the book and spoke invited his wife Safia agha Nasir to say as few words.She highlighted on how Agha sab was persuaded to pen down his autobiography.

Aasma Shirazi spoke how he used to interact and encourage young reporters and artist to come forward gave them advice voluntarily. Haris Khaleeq discussed of Agha Nasir’s role as a beacon of light who used to be always encouraging and motivating for the people.

Akhtar vaqar Azeem , Ex-MD PTV, veteran television artist Nayatel Kamal, chief Executive Lok Versa  Dr Fauzia Saeed , anchor Murtaza Solangi and famous poet Iftikhar Arif also spoke of their association with Agha Nasir .=DNA