Trump statement about Pakistan irresponsible, non-serious: Nawaz


ISLAMABAD, JAN 03 (DNA) – Former Prime Minister Nawaz while addressing a crowded press conference on Wednesday termed the US President Donald Trump states as irresponsible and non-serious. He said Pakistan has paid heavy toll in so –called war on terror, which was never our war. He made it clear to Donald Trump that soon after coming into power the PML N government did it best to fight against terrorism.

Unfortunately the Trump statement has nullified all our efforts made to win peace in the region. He said Pakistan is a great nation, which can never be subdued through any coercive means.

He said it is because of former dictator Musharaf that Pakistan has to face unseemly situation now. Dictators can never solve problems of this country.

He said PML N ever since formation of its government has tried its best to not only usher in era of development in the country but also improve country’s image abroad.

This is very unfortunate that the World is not ready to recognize our sacrifices rendered for peace in the region. It is because of our internal differences that one part of Pakistan separated from us.

He called upon Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to devise certain polices to achieve self-reliance and reduce dependence on foreign countries.

He quoted Quaid e Azam who said public opinion can never be on wrong side but what we have seen in Pakistan is absolutely different.

Certain forces are trying their best to once again alter public opinion against PML N but I can tell you with confidence that PML N popularity remains un-dented. He said in the forthcoming elections PML N shall again win a land slide.

He, without mentioning Imran Khan, said certain political elements were being given preferential treatment, adding people of Pakistan are very well aware of such gimmicks therefore hopefully such elements will not succeed.