Romanian national day reception celebrated in style

ISLAMABAD, NOV 30: Federal Minister for Defence Production, Rana Tanveer Hussain, Ambassador of Romania, Nicolae Gola and others cutting cake to celebrate National Day of Romania.=DNA PHOTO

ISLAMABAD, NOV 30 (DNA) – Ambassador of Romania Nicolae Goia has said Romania has a strong bilateral relationship with Islamic Republic of Pakistan adding both countries share values of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and the desire to live peacefully in harmony and tolerance. It is in our mutual best interest to strengthen our future bilateral relations not only in economic, commercial, financial and investment fields, but also in terms of security, counterterrorism, cyber security and cultural cooperation. “On this auspicious occasion I also would like to convey to the Pakistani people a sincere message of friendship, peace and prosperity”. He was speaking on the occasion of national day of Romania.

He further said, on December the 1st, Romanians living at home and all over the world celebrates their national day.

This year marks the 99th anniversary of the Great Union of 1918, and the birthday of the Romanian modern state. Romania is only one year away from the Centenary of the 1918 Great Union.

The historical Great Union of all Romanian territories – made possible through the will of the Romanian people – is now celebrated as a milestone of our long lasting aspirations for liberty, unity and national dignity.

“We already look forward to 1st of December 2018, the centennial anniversary of our national day. In these times, when the whole world is marked by major changes, we further need solidarity.Asolidarity built not only around some persons or institutions, but especially around certain values or national objectives.

This is why I think that new bridges should be reinforced or even rebuilt between Romania and friendly countries like Pakistan. We have the chance to offer the new generation arguments and facts so that Centenary Romania be rediscovered as a place of opportunity and prosperity”.

The realization of the full unity of the Romanian state on 1 December 1918 was the result of the organization of some outstanding intellectuals with solid formation, of the fight of tens of thousands of peasants who fought in battlefields for defending their national territory. The fights waged during the World War I meant a great sacrifice for Romanians.

It was a lesson of patriotism which will remain a brilliant example for the entire period passed ever since.

The authors of this Great Union taught us a sacred lesson, namely that of unity, solidarity, giving up vain selfishness, placing national interest higher than personal or group ambitions, promoting tolerance and mutual respect.

The international community now faces major challenges and provocations. As a member of the European and Euro-Atlantic family, Romania is actively assuming its obligations and responsibilities in dealing with the increasingly complex and dynamic issues of the current international landscape.

Currently Romania is on an ascending economic path and has the highest rates of annual economic growth within the European Union.

That is not only a statistical fact, but also a reality already reflected in the living conditions of our people. More importantly, we have enough reasons to trust that the years to come will bring the same steady economic development that will benefit both Romanian people and foreign investors.=DNA