Tunisian ambassador for enhanced trade ties with Pakistan


SIALKOT, (DNA) – The Ambassador of Tunisia in Pakistan Mr. Adel Eiarbi ha stressed the need of making all out sincere efforts to establish the strong mutual trade ties between Pakistan and Tunisia , besides, increasing the bilateral trade between the two countries. He stated this while addressing an important meeting of the Sialkot exporters held at Sialkot CHamber of Commerce and Industry( SCCI), after visiting several leading industrial units at Sialkot. SCCI President Zahid Latif Malik presided over the meeting. Senior officials of the Tunisian Embassy, SCCI & SVP Abdul Waheed and vice President Abid Ahmed Khawaja also attended the meeting.

The Tunisian Ambassador said that the Tunisia was keen to establish direct trade relations with Pakistan  besides increasing the mutual trade volume in favour of Pakistan.

Mr. Adel Eiarbi  also pledged to make some strenuous efforts to remove all the hurdles from the smooth way of promotion of  the bilateral trade  besides assuring the Sialkot exporters' easy access of international trade markets of Tunisia and European Union(EU), African and Arab international trade markets through Tunisia.

Tunisian Ambassador said that the Tunisia will continue its developed economical cooperation with Pakistan besides focusing on mutual trade promotion under direly needed Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) between Pakistan and Tunisia as well.

He added that the early exploring of the new business opportunities between Pakistan and Tunisia from both sides was the demand of the day, besides, establishing the direct trade and Business-to- Business linkages between the businessmen of both Pakistan and Tunisia.

He termed the lack of the proper mutual trade information was the main obstacle in the way of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Tunisia, saying that there were the bright opportunities of establishing the joint  ventures in different trade fields between the two countries.

He also assured that the Tunisia will  remove all the trade barriers from the way of promoting bilateral trade with Pakistan , besides, bridging all the communication gaps, in this regard.

 He said that the Tunisia was ready to open the new trade vistas with Pakistan by focusing on establishing the strengthened mutual trade ties with Pakistan  under the Tunisian  General System of Preferences(GSP), which would be helpful to remove all the hurdles from the way of promotion of bilateral trade between Pakistan and Tunisia.=DNA