Financial Irregularities in Brazil embassy: team probe visits Pakistan


ISLAMABAD. A high level investigation team from Brazil visited Pakistan to investigate financial irregularities in the Brazil embassy in Islamabad. Centreline and Diplomatic News Agency (DNA) had already published a report about massive financial bungling in the Brazil embassy. A high powered team from the audit and investigation department of the Brazil foreign office has recently visited Pakistan to look into these irregularities. The investigation team headed by a senior officer Mr. Sergio Taam, visited various cities including Lahore and Karachi in order to meet with the vendors who had partnered with the Brazil embassy for various projects. The team spent almost a month in Pakistan for their investigation.

According to diplomatic sources, the team found it rather difficult to investigate the matter fully because most vendors had given fake addresses. Likewise, there were supposedly certain publications that published special reports about Brazil which factually do not exist.

Some of the bigger projects included publication of books about Brazil and translation of various pieces of Brazilian art into Urdu.

This is for the first time that accounts of an embassy in Islamabad are under strict audit, which is indicative of the massive financial corruption that may have taken place in the Brazil embassy. DNA