Is Chinese policy changed on Jehadi groups?


ISLAMABAD, SEPT 07 (DNA) – What happened in Brics Summit may not be digested by most of the Pakistanis who were hoping for the formation of an alliance comprising of Pakistan, China , Russia , Iran and Turkey to withstand the pressures of USA , India , Afghanistan and Israil nexus in our region .Their hopes have completely shattered due to the most unfavourable outcome as far as Pakistan is concerned . Most of the Pakistanis were banking on these countries to provide us the desired strength and support to withstand the agressive onslaught of Trump and his cronies like Modi , Ashraf Ghani and Co.

The biggest jolt was the visible hobnobbing between the Chinese President and Indian PM and U turn taken by China on issues on which it had been supporting Pakistan inthe past . The language used inthe joint declaration of Brics is almost the same as used by Trump while unfolding the new Afghan policy and mention of Pakistan,s name is very serious .

As our last card also appear to be gone, now we have to fight our battle alone . Lets redefine our priorities and to reduce the number of issues we are facing today .

We might have to retract on some of the over ambitious plans and be realistic in our approach . We should avoid putting all our eggs in one basket and look for alternate options . With out the tacit support of China and Russia we are not in a strong position to confront the other nexus and totally discard Trumps new Afghan policy . It does contain certain leverages which if exploited sensibly we can sail through this difficult situation . If worst comes to worst and we are forced into a difficult situation then we must be very clear that we have to fight our battle ourself and should be prepared for that . No body XYZ will fight our battle .