Strong educational links between Malaysia, Pakistan: envoy


ISLAMABAD, MAY 02 (DNA) – There are strong educational links between Malaysia and Pakistan with over 5000 students currently studying in Malaysia.

Various Malaysian universities are in the process of opening branches in Pakistan and hopefully after this step these links between the two countries shall further be strengthened.

High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan Dr Hasrul Sani Mujtabar expressed these views while talking to a select group of journalists on Tuesday. The press briefing was arranged on the occasion of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and Pakistan.

The high commissioner further said 2017 marked 60 years since Malaysia and Pakistan established diplomatic relations. It is an important milestone for the Malaysia and Pakistani people who are connected to each other by long standing ties of affection, friendship and respect.

“It offered us an opportunity to reflect on the evolution of Malaysia-Pakistan relations and consider new ideas and initiatives to strengthen enrich and deepen our future”.

Dr Hasrul Sani Mujtabar expressed confidence that the current positive cooperation will continue to set an impetus as a platform for our countries partnership in the political, trade and economic, investments, science and technical fields.

Besides, cooperation in the fields of tourism and humanitarian areas for the good of the Malaysian and Pakistani people is also increasing.

He said on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the establishment of our diplomatic relations, the year 2017 will be celebrated through numerous activities in both countries.

“I wish to underline that there is every reasons to confidently state that with joint efforts the collaboration between our friendly states will be further strengthened and deepened for the benefit of the tow brother nations”.

While taking about trade and economic relations the high commissioner said trade between the two countries has witnessed decrease from USD 3 billion to around USD one and half billion.

Pakistan is now our number 3 trading partner while in past it used to be Number 02. Now the neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh are doing quite well according to the world report. Pakistan needs to address this issue in order to regain its share.

He further said, among the OIC countries Pakistan is Malaysia’s largest trading partner. “I believe we have to move beyond from the traditional trade items because both countries have huge potential in various fields”.

Giving more details about educational links the high commissioner said, out of 5000 students studying in Malaysia, most of students belong to private sector, which is quite encouraging. 1400 students come from the government sector. He said his team at the High Commission was always available for any assistance to promote bilateral relations in different fields.

“Why we are focusing much on education is because it is a very powerful tool to promote and strengthen bilateral relations”.

While talking about tourism the high commissioner said number of Pakistani tourists to Malaysia has also decreased. We need to improve this number in future. “I know most of the Pakistani families like to visit Malaysia for holidays etc. After China, Malaysia happens to be the most sought after place for tourists in Asia simply because Malaysia provides tourists with modern facilities.

Military cooperation between the two counties is also strong. There are a lot of military exchanges and exhibitions on both parts, which makes this relationship important and stronger.

On cultural side too Malaysia and Pakistan have been cooperating with each other. “We are planning to bring a cultural troupe to Pakistan, which will present traditional Malaysian performances”.

The high commissioner termed the CEPC project very important adding foreign investors are taking keen interest in this project. He said the Malaysian businessmen too are watching the CEPC developments minutely with a view to have some role in the project in the coming days.

Pakistan has some security issues, which ostensibly needs to be improved in order to fetch more and more foreign investments.

He nevertheless lauded Pakistan government efforts to improve security situation adding things are moving in the right direction. =DNA