Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan enjoy excellent relations, says envoy  




ISLAMABAD – Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan enjoy excellent relations that are growing with the every passing day said Erik Beishembiev Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan while speaking at the opening of a photo exhibition at PNCA.

The fine arts and photo exhibition was arranged to mark 25th anniversary of Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan diplomatic relations.

He further said, Pakistan was one of the first to acknowledge the independence of our state and on 10th May 1992 engaged in diplomatic relations with Kyrgyzstan.

“Indeed, modern history of bilateral cooperation of independent Kyrgyzstan with independent Pakistan is only a quarter of a century. However, by opening this significant cultural event in the capital, I would like to note that our people have centuries-old ties stretching into depths of ancient history of mankind”.

He said, they did not feel strangers here. We have common historical roots, common religion of Islam, similar traditions and world view.  Every time when someone asks me, “How do you feel being in Pakistan?” my answer is “Quite comfortable, as comfortable as it is while being at home.”

He added, visitors of the exhibition will have opportunity to get acquainted with works of one of the outstanding artists, member of the Union of Artists of Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Jumabek Bazarbaev, as well as a prominent photographer Mr. Erkinbek Boljurov.

Over the 25-year period of cooperation between our states he added, there has been a lot of advancement in our relations. In recent years, the governments of two states are making every effort to further strengthen and develop bilateral and regional cooperation.

Kyrgyzstan is quite interested in supporting Pakistan in solving its energy crisis, and is actively promoting the implementation of CASA 1000 power export project.

At the same time, renewal of transport links between our countries through Quadrilateral Agreement on Transit Transport between Pakistan-China-Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan as part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will bring our countries closer to each other.

 Likewise, the entire Eurasian subcontinent will open through Pakistani territory to the sea while Pakistan itself will gain access to the large market of the Eurasian Economic Space.

The ambassador said, certainly there is a lot more to be done to promote Kyrgyz-Pakistani cooperation. The development of inter-parliamentary relations deserves special attention which gained impetus by the recent visit of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Tursunbekov, was a historical landmark for the bilateral relations in this field. Additionally, good prospects were outlined for the development of scientific, educational, cultural and humanitarian ties during this visit.

“Therefore, we hope that this event in Islamabad will contribute to the advancement of our common history and culture, people to people contact, and consequently set the pace for overall development of political, trade, economic and regional cooperation”. DNA