Spanish Flamenco-Jazz Band La Bejazz performs in Capital


ISLAMABAD, MAY 14 (DNA) -The Embassy of Spain and Serena Hotels collaborated to host a fundraising gala dinner featuring a performance by renowned Spanish Band, La Bejazz. The proceeds of the evening amounted to five million rupees and were donated to the Aga Khan University and Hospital to finance children’s heart surgeries. La Bejazz is a group of musicians from the south of Spain, who perform an extraordinary fusion of two distinct musical styles, Jazz and Flamenco. Their performances are masterful, harmonious and balanced where the fantastic worlds of Jazz and Flamenco commune.

Aziz Boolani, CEO of Serena Hotels, said, “We are delighted to welcome the Flamenco-Jazz Band La Bejazz, to perform their spellbinding music for your entertainment.

Serena Hotels is privileged to be able to host events that strengthen the cultural exchange between Pakistan and Spain while at the same time supporting a cause dear to our hearts – providing healthcare to the less fortunate.”

He added that Serena is a platform that provides the space and opportunity for cultural exchanges by bringing unique and unusual talent to Islamabad.

There is a universal passion for music, art and sports across different ages and types of people which transcends linguistic and sociocultural differences and brings people together. Art and culture build the strongest and most interesting bridges linking people and countries.

Carlos Morales, Ambassador of Spain said,” The Embassy of Spain is honoured to welcome in Pakistan La Bejazz, one of the leading flamenco-jazz bands.

Tonight’s gala in Islamabad, is a showcase of how contemporary Spanish music, evolving from the classical roots into the 21st century, can be a bridge between cultures and how performing arts can help promoting and supporting the most valuable causes.

This fundraising event is our contribution, together with the Serena Hotel, to the commitment of the Embassy of Spain and the Spanish Government to support health initiatives in favour of those in need, such as the impressive work of the Aga Khan University Hospital with children with congenital heart disease.”

Under its cultural diplomacy banner, Serena has promoted the arts and intercultural activities to inspire anethos of peace and hope and engaging with foreign missions able to raise funds to support worthy causes.=DNA