FOUR possible outcomes of Panama verdict


ISLAMABAD (DNA) There may be FOUR possible outcomes of Panama case verdict. One, the apex court may  disqualify the prime minister; take action again NAB chief for not acting the corrupt; re-opening of the Hudabia paper mills case; 2nd scenario, the court will constitute a Commission for further investigations; will ask or request prime minister to step aside till the report of the Commission arrives;

3rd option, court will form a commission without asking the prime minister to step down however it will take to task NAB, and order  reopining of the Hudabia paper mills case.

4th option, the court may ask the prime minister that nothing solid is proved against him however prima facie it looks as corruption had been done therefore the prime minister need to seek fresh mandate from the people.

The court is also likely to set parameters to deal with corruption in future. The court order are not likely to be restricted to prime minister and his family only. The verdict may affect other political leaders including Imran Khan also.