Tajikistan President extends best wishes to Pakistan on Novruz


ISLAMABAD, 20 MAR, (DNA) – President of the Republic of Tajikistan has extended his well wishes for Pakistan on the occasion of world-illuminated Navruz, Tajikistan’s traditional New Year.

He, addressing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, said that it is his great honor and pleasure to express his heartfelt congratulations to Prime Minister, and fraternal people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the occasion of world-illuminated Navruz, traditional New Year of Tajikistan.

Rahmon briefed about Navruz that it is wild-nation holiday in Tajikistan which was greatly and solemnly celebrated in more than twenty countries of the world since ancient times.

He added that this festival during the long historical path in its cultural area played a great role in the cultural life, self-determination and self-awareness of the people.

The President said that this holiday, which is celebrated at the end of winter when day and night become equal, is the symbol of re-birth of the world, a new awakening of the nature, triumph of life and warmth over the long cold winter, light over darkness, good over evil, unity, human love, purity and cleanliness.

Emomali Rahmon hoped that this Navruz will boost and flourish friendly relations and comprehensive cooperation between Tajikistani and Pakistani nation and will enter into new stage with a new effective content for both nations.

The President by taking the festal opportunity wished Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif good health and successes in his new endeavors and to the people of Pakistan prosperity, peace and stability. DNA