GB jailbreak: ‘Nanga Parbat massacre’ suspect among 2 fleeing prisoners


GILGIT: Four prisoners at the district jail Gilgit made an attempt to escape early on Friday during which two prisoners, including a suspect in the ‘Nanga Parbat massacre’ case, managed to flee while one prisoner was killed and another wounded, a report published on the BBCUrdu website said. Security personnel cordoned off the area after the incident as a search for the fleeing prisoners went underway. A reward of Rs2million was also announced by Gilgit Baltistan (GB) Home Secretary Sibtain Ahmed for people who could help in capturing the escaped suspected attacker in the ‘Nanga Parbat massacre’, Habibur Rehman,

Inspector General of Police Zafar Iqbal Awan suspended three officials, including the jail warden, over the incident.

GB chief secretary Sikandar Sultan Raja told BBC that the incident was ‘not a case of an attack on the jail but rather a escape bid by four prisoners who were perceived as armed by some persons inside the jail or may have portrayed themselves as armed’.

He confirmed that one suspect involved in the ‘Nanga Parbat massacre’ had managed to escape while another suspect in the case was killed by security forces’ firing. He added that the other two prisoners, one of whom managed to escape while the other was wounded, had no connection with the Nanga Parbat attack.

Frontier Constabulary and Gilgit-Baltistan police are responsible for the security of the jail’s inner perimeters whereas the outside perimeter is the responsibility if the GB Scouts, according to Raja Sikandar.