Sit-ins aim to incite civil war: Hashmi


MULTAN: Veteran politician Javed Hashmi has said the participants in the sit-ins want civil war. Speaking at a press conference here on Thursday, the disgruntled politician reiterated: “The plan was to roll back the (democratic) system and impose ban on all political parties. I not only saved democracy but also saved all political parties including the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf,” he said. He said there was a risk of disintegration of the county if the ban on political parties was imposed. He said politics was another name of tolerance and the prime minister and chief minister must exhibit it.  “The present government has all along shown tolerance and not used power against the protesters and they should continue to do so,” he advised.

He said he had requested PTI chairman Imran Khan not to push the party workers towards civil war. “I told Imran Khan that any mishap in sit-ins can lead to killing of many innocent people. There are some foreign forces working to ignite civil war in the country and I would reveal about them at a suitable time,” he said.

He said the PML-N leadership should not worry about the slogan “Go Nawaz Go” as they had raised slogans of “Go Zia Go” and “Go Musharraf Go” and both ruled the country for more than 10 years each. “The meaning of this slogan is go ahead Nawaz Sharif and continue your journey,” he said.

He said he would also appeal to Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri to avoid bringing the situation to a level where any terrorist organisation got benefit of the situation. I had told Imran Khan that the party could disintegrate over the issue of resignations.

“The first reaction to the suggestion of resignation by Imran Khan was from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister Pervez Khattak who categorically informed him that people from his province would not tender their resignations,” he said.

He said Pervez Khattak was more rebel than him as he (Hashmi) had resigned from his seat on the direction of Imran Khan.

“But Shah Mahmood Qureshi is still finding excuses to avoid his resignation. The constituency of NA-150 and people of Multan are waiting for Mr Qureshi,” he said.

He said neither he nor Shah Mehmood Qureshi ever said that rigging was done in the 2013 general elections as we both were winners.

He said the PTI had been damaged owing to wrong choices for tickets in by-elections in the past.

“India won the cricket World Cup twice but none of their captains was made the prime minister of the country,” he said.