Qadri unveils electoral ambitions on 50th day


ISLAMABAD: On the 50th day of his party’s sit-in in the city, PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri announced on Thursday that “we will contest the next elections to bring revolution” in the country. “Would you like to see the PAT as a revolutionary political party? Do you think we should participate in the next elections,” Qadri asked his supporters at the sit-in in his routine daily address to them. “Yes” roared the supporters who had been camping outside the Parliament House for that very revolution for seven weeks.

“We will change the system after winning the elections. We cannot compromise with the prevailing system,” Dr. Qadri said. “We will participate in national, provincial and local government elections whenever held, tomorrow or after three months.”

“I invite everyone who wants to contest elections as PAT candidate,” he said, predicting that PAT will emerge as “the largest political party in the country in the near future”.

“We will reestablish the sanctity of the Parliament,” he said.