Al Qaeda man killed in drone strike


PESHAWAR: An Al Qaeda leader, listed by Saudi Arabia among the most wanted suspected terrorists, is believed to have been killed in a drone strike in North Waziristan two months ago, private intelligence group SITE said. The Search for Internatio­nal Terrorist Entities, a US-based terrorist tracking organisation, said militant sources had reported the death of an individual in a US air strike. The suspect added voice to videos for Al Qaeda’s Al-Sahab media foundation and interviewed leaders of Al Qaeda. In posts on Twitter on Sunday, militants mourned the death of Umer Talib and his family.

A Twitter user said the attack took place about two months ago.

Umer Talib was also known as Adil Salih Ahmad Al Qumayshi, listed by Saudi Arabia in 2011 among 47 most wanted terrorists.There have been seven drone strikes in North Waziristan since May and it is not clear which one killed Al Qumayshi.