Malangi Baba invigorates PAT workers with his Dhamals


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri’s popularly is not only confined to the educated lot, even the hermits not are out of his circle of influence. Mohammad Ilyas Malangi Baba is among the thousands of PAT workers who have gathered at Aabpara Chowk to bring a ‘revolution’ in the country. He has been performing Dhamals for the last 20 years in PAT functions.

“I came here to perform Dhamals to charge the crowd and get spiritual satisfaction.”

Surrounded by scores of PAT workers, Malangi Baba, 50, can be seen in front of the main stage performing Dhamal to keep party activists pumped up.

“My leader performs his duty on the stage and I’m performing my duty in front of the stage to bring change,” he said.

Clad in green robes and wearing slippers, Malangi Baba sports a salt and pepper beard with long unattended hair.

Throughout the day, on the tune of party songs, which only stop during speeches and public announcements, Malangi Baba performs Dhamals in the company of charged PAT workers.

Looking like a hermit, the man from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, has been associated with Dr Qadri since 1989.

“I belong to a rich family, my two sons and a daughter are permanently settled in the United Kingdom. But I have no interest in luxuries; I get satisfaction from my low-profile life,” he said, adding that he was a frequent visitor to the shrines of Khari Sharif and Syed Willayat Hussain Shah in Mirpur.

“We are fighting to bring a change in the current political system which has nothing for the poor.” He said he never gets tired while performing Dhamals.

“I don’t go very fast; I move slowly because I have no idea how long I have to perform here.”

He said he started performing Dhamals during his school days at the shrine of Khari Sharif in AJK.

When asked how long he would be willing to stay in Islamabad, he said: “We are here as long as our leader is here. But I tell you, change is not very far, it’s a matter of days,” he said.