Power protests held in Lahore, Lesco office ransacked


LAHORE: Residents of Lahore and several other cities of Punjab took to the streets protesting against prolonged and unannounced loadshedding on Wednesday. Stick-wielding protesters in Lahore’s Batapur area burned tyres blocking roads and pelted cars with stones. The demonstrators also ransacked a Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) office. The protestors alleged that authorities were bent upon aggravating them even during the month of Ramazan due to which the residents were left with no choice but to take to the streets.

The demonstrators also alleged that the rulers were enjoying their lives sitting in chilled rooms while the rest of the population was left at the mercy of the unbearable heat.

Electricity shortfall in the country crossed 6,000MW, with urban areas facing 12 and rural areas up to 16 hours of loadshedding.