JI wants permanent TTP ceasefire


RAWALPINDI: The Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) has called for the announcement of a permanent ceasefire by the Taliban and urged the government to make every effort to continue peace talks. “We want permanent ceasefire from Taliban and are in favour of continuation of the peace talks. The government should also respond positively. Logical arguments should be exchanged instead of bullets,” JI chief Sirajul Haq said while addressing a public meeting at Liaquat Bagh on Sunday. He said the real problem facing the country was political and economic terrorism. “To get rid of the political and economic terrorism, there is a dire need to eliminate corruption and dictatorship,” he said.

The JI leader said merit was not enforced and the rich were getting protection, while the poor had been left at the mercy of thieves and dacoits.

He said a handful of people had ruled the country after serving the imperial forces during the British rule.

“The JI is struggling to enforce Islamic laws. It is an Islamic country and Shariah should be imposed. Some people are living in a fool’s paradise and want to make the country a secular state, but it will not be possible. The Muslims sacrificed their lives and property for an Islamic state, not for a secular state,” he said.

He admitted that the JI had failed to get support of people in the general elections but blamed the electoral system for it.

“The electoral process in the country is the main hurdle in getting the support of the maximum people. There is a need to bring drastic changes in the system,” he said.

“Political awareness is necessary to stop the way of dictatorships. We have to unite against the dictatorial mindset to strengthen the democracy. All the institutions of the state should work within the limits defined by the Constitution.”

“We will protect democracy and help the democratic forces if any unconstitutional action is taken against the government,” he said.

Mr Haq said the law should be equal for all — if retired Gen Pervez Musharraf was enjoying some benefits then a peon of a government department should also be provided the same facilities.

He said the country’s economic condition had worsened under dictatorships and state-run organisations had been privatised to benefit the cronies of the generals.

The gathering adopted resolutions calling for eliminating corruption, creating job opportunities and abolishing the general sales tax.