Nawaz links state’s survival to respect of constitutional order


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Tuesday said the state cannot survive if the constitutional order was not respected and the rule of law not enforced. “We will have to take the course of constitutional order and abide by the laws of the land, because all the roads to a strong and unimpeachable national defense emerge from adherence to the constitutional order and rule of law,” he said. Addressing participants of the National Security and War Course here at the National Defence University, the prime minister said a strong state has to be built on discipline and orderly compliance of its constituents.

He said Pakistan has to pursue this path if it wants to be recognised as a respectable part among comity of nations.

“While shaping our future, we will have to keep in mind mistakes of our past,” Sharif told the participants that included federal ministers, the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Chiefs of the Armed Forces of Pakistan, President National Defence University Lieutenant General Javed Iqbal, faculty and course participants of National Security and War Course and officers from friendly countries.

The premier said strengthening of Pakistan’s identity as a modern and democratic state which was at peace with both itself and its neighbors, and also recognised as a responsible sovereign all over the world was an imperative of the country’s national security policy.

He said the discipline of a state was a product of its constitution and was exercised through fearless implementation of its laws while ensuring the fundamental principles of equality before the law, equal treatment before the law and due process of the law.