Visitors holding Schengen visa exempted from Romanian visa


ISLAMABAD, JAN 15 (DNA) – Romania has exempted all foreigners, holders of passport with multi Schengen Visa. Now all such visitors having valid Schengen visa do not need to apply for Romanian visa.The arrangement will come into effect from 1st February 2014. It may be mentioned here that Romania is part of European Union but it was out of Schengen visa regime until now. It is further stat that Romanian embassies world over has not yet started issuing Schengen visas so far however now from February 1, 2014 Romania will be accepting visitors having valid Schengen visa.

Diplomatic sources say Romania and Bulgaria have already applied to become part of Schengen visa regime. They were due to be given this status last year nevertheless the process was put on hold because of some internal issues within the European Union.

The facility provided by the Romanian government will greatly facilitate the Pakistani businessmen who can now travel to Romania without getting Romanian visa if they are in possession of valid Schengen visa. The new arrangement is likely to increase business activity between the two countries.

The current trade volume between Pakistan and Romania is around USD 200 million, which is likely to get considerable boost after this arrangement.=DNA